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Wine, Women & Song

Oscar Foulkes September 12, 2009 Uncategorized 1 comment

Macau’s Suncity Karaoke bar was the unlikely setting (absolutely no pun intended) for an event aimed at introducing Cloof wines to a group of local food & beverage and tourism players. I say unlikely, because its gold upholstered walls, mirrors and assorted decorative trinkets are not the kind of environment one would normally associate with the world of wine.

I’d go so far as to say that the US legal system could have imposed a more painful penalty on Martha Stewart by sending her to Suncity for five days, than imprisoning her for five months, so far removed is the interior from her design sensibilities.

Once I’d got over the stress of lining up a potential song (in the unlikely event that – to both of our detriment – my hosts pressed me into action) I realised that us wine people have it all wrong. We’re crusading (evingelising) in Asia with a product that is completely foreign, and on top of that, we’re trying to do it all in a Western context.

For starters, the beverage that is most likely to accompany a meal in Asia is tea, not something alcoholic. And, the setting where people are more likely to consume alcohol is a karaoke bar. Yes, wine dinners have their place, but perhaps one would forge common bonds more easily in establishments such as the Suncity Karaoke bar, as distant as they may be – in every respect imaginable – from wine culture.

Nobody did much singing, but they loved the wines!

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Michael - September 18, 2009

If you view your wine merely as a product that needs to be sold and not particularly fussed about the snobbishness normally associated with the industry then why not sell in karaoke bars? In fact, if the taste of wine remains as foreign as it currently is in Asia, why not experiment with appropriate mixers like coke, cream soda, maybe even oolong tea? I guarantee you Chivas is not upset about the mixing of green tea with their golden water.

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