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Planned Obsolescence

Oscar Foulkes August 22, 2013 Uncategorized No comments
Planned obsolescence may be the corporate world’s dirty little secret. Take light bulbs, for instance, which I seem to buy every second week. Whether old-fashioned incandescent, or newfangled CFLs, they just don’t last. Perhaps I should start documenting the date that each bulb goes into service, cross-referenced to the proof of purchase, so that I know which retailer to complain to when they give up the ghost.

I was at a house last night, which the current owners have inhabited for 33 years. They have two chandeliers that have had the same light bulbs for the entire time. It is not impossible that those bulbs could have been there for 20 years prior to them moving in. Extraordinary!

I asked my friend if there is any brand or imprint on the bulbs (there isn’t), with the thought that it could guide my future light bulb purchases. Upon reflection, this was very foolish of me. If this company makes light bulbs that last decades, how could it possibly still be in business?

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