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My favourite kitchen tool

Oscar Foulkes March 8, 2010 My Little Black Book No comments

Some men have tool sheds; I have a kitchen. Ok, so it isn’t my kitchen only, and it isn’t a “man room” in the sense that I can lock myself away from the world, but it’s a fantastic place to play with food. Often this is done with other members of the family, which is a great shared activity. Of course, whatever has been created has to be eaten, which is the greatest pleasure of all!

My current favourite ‘tool’ is this cast iron skillet griddle pan from Le Creuset (click here to check it out on Amazon).

Why do I love it? Well, firstly, I just love the way the food sizzles while in the pan. Whenever food is sizzling at exactly this pitch you know that the exterior is caramelising perfectly, which is how you get the best flavours. When cooking chicken breast fillets, steaks or chops, I prefer to brown them in the pan first, and then move it into the oven to cook through. I haven’t cooked fish in it yet, but expect it to work just as well. As you can see, the skillet is 100% cast iron, so there’s no problem putting it into a hot oven.

The way to use it is to marinade whatever you’re cooking, including some oil in the marinade. Then put the pan onto the hottest flame you have. When the pan is hot, pop the meat into the pan. After 10 seconds shift it just a little so that it doesn’t stick. When it’s nicely coloured turn it over.

Quick and easy, really tasty … what more could one possibly want?

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