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“How’s that” for a relaxing afternoon?

Oscar Foulkes February 15, 2012 Uncategorized No comments

Cricket, even when played by the likes of Merv Hughes, is the most civilised of sports. Yes, the brashness of twenty-over cricket brings a less genteel dimension, but the sound of willow striking a shiny, red Kookaburra (or vice versa) is the most satisfying “thwack” imaginable.

That, and the hopeful shouts of: “How’s that?” are the sounds of a cricket field. Polite claps, following a good shot, or good bit of fielding, or anything else noteworthy, are the aural contributions that spectators make.

One of the benefits of having flexible work arrangements is that I can park myself next to a cricket field once a week, MacBook on lap, to watch my son’s matches.

So, there I was at the first match of 2011, getting busy with some work, when the calm of the charming, tree-rimmed field was broken by a sound that could only have been produced by a cork exuberantly departing a champagne bottle. And so, with the actions of a couple of fun-loving mothers, started a tradition that has continued into a second season (and even gets a mention in the school magazine!).

It may well be indulgent of me to allocate a couple of hours during a workday, and frivolity of the bubbly aside, it’s something that I find hugely rewarding. During the season, the team also managed to finish two matches on tied scores, which were two of the most exciting limited overs matches I have ever watched (internationals included).

And, when either the work or cricket is boring, there is always the conviviality of sharing a bottle of chilled bubbly with other parents.

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