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Become a Culinary Legend

Oscar Foulkes September 22, 2010 Uncategorized No comments

Lobster Curry, made in minutes, using the whole lobsters and curry base available from

It sometimes amazes me how long it takes for things to happen. Often, it’s not through lack of effort or caring; stuff just has to go through a process. This is especially true when there are many people making contributions to the project.

A case in point is, for which the idea first presented itself about a year ago. The site is now effectively live, but we’re adding products on a daily basis, so it’s going to be a work in progress for some time.

This online shop is Dish sharing stuff that is either going to make it easier for you to manage and work with food in your own kitchen, or a few key components that make it seriously easy for you to cook great-tasting food without an excessive amount of schlep.

For example, red wine jus is something that takes at least 24 hours to make. And, you need to start with a large volume of bones and liquid to end up with just one litre of jus. Frankly, life is too short and domestic kitchens are too small. It makes much more sense to let Dish do all that (they make litres of it every week anyway). All you need to do is grill the lamb chops and knock together some veggies. Your guests will marvel at your culinary prowess.

The majority of the items offered here can be mixed and matched, or used to augment other dishes (tip: a cup of our red wine jus will turn an ordinary bolognaise into a rock star). brings together the skills and knowledge bases of catering, web development, ecommerce, graphic design, photography, copy writing, not to mention some entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps its lengthy gestation is not entirely unrealistic.

It’s my latest project, and I’m very excited that it’s finally ‘live’. Yay!

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