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Angelic Red Snapper

Oscar Foulkes January 12, 2010 Restaurants No comments

I am usually loath to describe something as “the best” experience ever. Speed or distance travelled, weight and other such things can easily be supported by empirical measurement, but experiences are too subjective.

Similarly, there is no such thing as “the best” wine, because scoring of wine is inherently flawed.

Having said all of that, the whole wood roasted red snapper I had at Angels Bay restaurant on Koh Phangan (+66 8432 67031) in Thailand was so delicious, so perfectly cooked – and so fresh – that I can’t recall ever having eaten better fish. I loved the way the fennel seeds complemented the flavour, and Jesus, did I admire the way the chef had timed the fish’s time in the pizza oven to the perfect point where the flesh against the bone was in its final moments of being pink.

I think I could be described as a red snapper junky. During our holiday on Koh Phangan I ordered whole fried snapper every time I thought my stomach was up to it. It’s not that there is a huge amount of flesh on a snapper, but eating Thai style means that one’s stomach quickly shrinks as a result of the smaller portions, which have less protein than one is normally accustomed to.

I think my favourite part of eating snapper is sucking the juices and flesh residue off the bones. In the case of the abovementioned Angels Bay snapper that was a particular treat.

Food critics often qualify restaurants in terms of the length of detour that would be worthwhile. In the case of this meal, it was worth international flights, another flight on a prop aircraft, as well as a choppy ferry ride and sundry taxis inbetween.

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