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A Few Recent Pairings

Oscar Foulkes June 23, 2008 Uncategorized No comments

Wine with Sushi
I’m a huge fan of Austrian white wines – on a typically hot Cape summer’s day there is just nothing better than that gorgeous combination of zesty acidity and rich fruit concentration.

While I generally drink red wine with everything, I recently took a bottle of 2004 Hirsh Gaisberg Riesling along to our local sushi restaurant. What amazed me was how well the wine coped with the pickled ginger. It was the only time I’ve ever experienced resonance between wine and ginger.

Sushi is a tricky partner for wine. The raw fish and rice would stereotypically call for white wine, but the soy sauce probably needs red (which doesn’t cope well with pickled ginger).

Wine with Curry
The big issue with curry – where wine is concerned – is the degree of chilli heat. If the food is just spicy (i.e. not much chilli burn), red wine works fine. With a selection of Indian dishes at Kabab Mahal in Sea Point (butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, spinach dhal) we had a very enjoyable bottle of lightly chilled Inkspot (from Cloof, of course!). Excellent combination.

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