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What I didn’t cook on Ultimate Braai Master

Oscar Foulkes September 5, 2012 Uncategorized No comments

In preparation for Ultimate Braai Master, I thought I should add to my repertoire, particularly in the dessert department. Here are some of my experiments, which sadly were never replicated during the show.

cheese souffle

Cheese Soufflés on the Weber

I shot these soufflés as they’d finished cooking, so they’re still looking quite puffed-up. It took a while for them to collapse; my plan was to do something along the lines of a twice-baked soufflé.

Frangipane with bbq pineapple (cooked on Weber)

Baking has never been my strong suit, largely because I’m not much of a dessert person. Thanks to Stacey, the pastry chef at Dish Food & Social, I picked up a couple of foolproof dishes.

Meringue roulade filled with whipped cream and berries (cooked on Weber). Apologies for the dodgy camera aspect.

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