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Vaudeville’s May Menu

Oscar Foulkes April 24, 2010 Tags: Restaurants 4 comments
  • Namibian free-range sirloin steak with mustard mash, greens and a mushroom & green peppercorn sauce

  • Oven-baked fish with lemony hollandaise, crispy potato wedges and greens

  • Lightly-spiced roasted vegetables with wild rice pilaf and tomato relish

  • Lemon-infused poached pears on a cinnamon crumble, with vanilla bean crème anglaise & a crisp brandy snap shard

  • Chocolate and orange ganache tart with berry coulis

We have an delicious new line-up for the new Vaudeville menu, which runs until the end of May.

Based upon the track record to date, the overwhelming favourite is going to be the meat option. We really can’t blame diners for following the herd on this one. Namibian free-range beef is one of the prize ingredients used in the Dish kitchen. Not only is it fabulously flavourful, but it is also tender and juicy. From a health and environmental perspective, it’s good to know that the antibiotic and hormone-free cattle are free to roam the endless Namibian plains as they forage for grass. Since discovering Namibian free-range we haven’t been able to enjoy any other beef quite the way we used to!

We serve the sirloin steaks with a hearty mushroom and green peppercorn sauce, mustard mash and greens. While the meat is served medium to medium-rare we are happy to also do rare or well-done.

The fish is served with lemony hollandaise, which is one of my favourite accompaniments for fish. The plate also has crispy potato wedges and greens. Yummy!

The vegetarian dish has, once again, received special attention. We add toasted almonds, diced dried apricots and chopped parsley to the rice. To this we add lightly-spiced roasted vegetables and round it all off with an intense tomato relish.

The popular poached pears remain on the menu, and the chocolate slot is taken up by a totally decadent chocolate and orange ganache tart.

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Earl - April 26, 2010

Oscar, I have to agree with you 100% regarding the Namibian Meat. When I was on the Orange River all we had was T-bone steaks and they were Phenomenal. No sauce needed, just some rock salt and on the fire. The best meat I’ve had by far!!!

faieka - June 17, 2010

Please can anyone tell me what the name of the fish is. The waiter said something about duwa? but I think he was joking with us

Oscar Foulkes - June 17, 2010

We’re currently using Blue Wahoo, which is a Pacific game fish. It’s a fish with white flesh. The texture is a cross of Yellowtail and Geelbek (Cape Salmon) and the flavour is a similar level of mildness.

faieka - June 21, 2010

Thank you so much for replying to me. It was simply delicious.

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