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Shades of Grey

Oscar Foulkes June 16, 2010 My Little Black Book, Web Tools No comments

My online work often puts me in the position of needing to select colours for navigation menus, not to mention buttons, headings and many more.

The problem is that one can’t just call something red, or green, or yellow. Not only does one need the Hex code for the colour (e.g. #000000 is black and #FFFFFF is white), but there are almost infinite graduations within one of the recognisable colour groups. And, once one has found the perfect fuchsia, how do you get the perfect scarlet or purple to complement it?

To the rescue comes one of the most fabulous software tools I’ve come across, Color Schemer, which allows one to play with colours in almost limitless permutations.

They have a free, limited online version here, but at $49 the full package is well worth it.

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