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Al Fresco in Hong Kong

Oscar Foulkes September 8, 2009 Restaurants No comments

Wooloo Mooloo, on the roof of The Hennessy (256 Hennesy Road, Wanchai) is a rare outdoor venue in Hong Kong. From this vantage point one has views towards Kowloon, as well as of Happy Valley racecourse.

The stemware is all plastic – imagine the effect of a wine glass dropped from 32 storeys – which perhaps keeps one’s drink cold a fraction longer. Even after dark on a 30-degree day the heat is one of the disadvantages of socialising outdoors. It encourages one to either drink that white wine really quickly, or to pick something like a G&T (with extra ice!).

Perspective is a rare experience in Hong Kong; you’re either jostling at street level with tall buildings all around, or stuck in the bowels of glitzy shopping centres. Images of the Hong Kong cityscape by night are evocative of the city’s unique energy. At Wooloo Mooloo you’re right in the middle of it all, at the same time as having a ringside seat.

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