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How to deal with wine snobs

Oscar Foulkes December 1, 2006 Uncategorized No comments

cellarblend2004Last week I hosted a UK-based customer, who told me how Cloof Cellar Blend had helped him out of a difficult situation with a wine snob.

One of the guests he’d invited to a dinner party was known to always arrive with a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CNDP). In fact, she also very loudly orders CNDP at restaurants, including – wait for this – when eating Thai food! Drinking CNDP doesn’t immediately categorise someone as a wine snob. I’ve drunk substantial quantities of it myself (all in the name of research, of course!), and would list southern Rhône wines as one of my favoured points of reference.

It’s how she goes about drinking the CNDP that defines her as a wine snob. On this basis, it is clear that it’s also theoretically possible for her to be wine snob when drinking Cloof wines. In that case I’ll of course leave it to someone else to call her a wine snob!

So, having greeted his guests and relieved them of their coats, bottles of wine (including CNDP!) etc, the host offered them a drink. He proudly brought out a bottle of Cloof Cellar Blend, to which Ms Wine Snob loadedly commented “interesting”. Fortunately she was open-minded enough to judge the wine on its merits, and loved it.

Commenting that if she’d known that the host was going to be serving a South African wine she’d have brought TWO bottles of CNDP, she said how pleased she was to be drinking Cloof Cellar Blend. There are no reports (yet) of her carrying Cellar Blend wherever she goes.

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