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The McCure for Big Macs

Oscar Foulkes February 11, 2010 My Little Black Book No comments

Travel is exhausting at the best of times. Add to that the inevitable late nights (and drinking!) with customers, which are a necessary feature of wine industry sales trips, and you have the makings of Jack being a very tired boy.

I had one such experience during my trip to Mumbai in November last year. The night before had been extremely fruitful, not to mention fun, but the following day involved a full day at a very dull trade show.

Thankfully, one of my fellow exhibitors on the South African pavilion was McNab’s, the “all day energy”, caffeine-free energy tabs. The formulation contains 36 different vitamins, minerals and herbs, spread across four tablets and a capsule, and every one of them was doing its very best to get me back on track.

McNab’s was created by Rupert McKerron in response to lassitude he experienced several years ago. He and wife Sarah, who is also involved in McNab’s, were at the show, so I got the story from source.

Each pack contains a different motivational message, which apart from being a nice touch helps to cover all the bases. If your mind is buying into the message, at the same time as your body is getting all the things your diet isn’t giving it, it adds to the certainty that McNab’s is going to help you live what Rupert calls “a Big Life”.

I am now sold on McNab’s. It’s a fantastic product that I wish I’d discovered at the beginning of my travelling days, rather than the point where my passport was about to be packed away.

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