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Epic 2018: Stage Three

Oscar Foulkes March 21, 2018 Cape Epic No comments
No Cape Epic has had successive ‘long’ days like the first four stages of this year’s race. The demands of four days in the vicinity of 110km or further has probably been the main incentive driving riders to ‘do the work’. I know it has been top of mind for me.

Today, being the longest, had a special place in my apprehensions. We rode the stage at an average speed comfortably in excess of 18 km/h. Even at that pace, which for me used to seem like an impossible speed to maintain over long distances, 123km took us six-and-three-quarter hours. That’s a long time to be on a bicycle, regardless of conditions.

Once again, the route designers found all kinds of twists and turns. These, I should add, were mostly detours up the slopes of the Langeberg that line the route. Imagine the mountains representing a wave, and the route as a surfer carving his way up the wave to extend the ride.

Starting at Arabella, just 10km by road from Robertson, we rode about 40km before we could finally say that we were en route to Worcester. There was a similar detour between the final two water points, and then another after the last one.

On the plus side, I discovered parts of the valley of my childhood that I never knew existed. By way of aches and pains, I’m similarly being alerted to parts of my body to which I haven’t given a thought for ages.

The prevailing southerly wind was occasionally a headwind, but it was mostly at our backs, for which we were enormously grateful.

The spectator support all the way along the route has been magnificent. One woman popped up in so many different locations today we thought she might have a twin.

Our own support crew was on the start line this morning, having cooked an extensive dinner for us last night. Perhaps frustrated at our early departure for bed, they apparently ‘made quite a night of it’. Piet and I might have had an easier time getting through the day than some of them, but that didn’t stop them cheering with maximum enthusiasm at various points.

There is a lot of apprehension about tomorrow’s stage. Once that’s behind us we can hopefully all start to relax a bit.

My massage awaits. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

We managed to have some fun along the way today as well (thank you for the pic, Amanda).

We managed to have some fun along the way today as well (thank you for the pic, Amanda).

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